“Let us join hands together “, Partha Parajuli


Pratha Parajuli

We need to work on all front with the Government , indicated by Tharka Sen in our discussion  Driver training, education and awareness about road safety, road rules (highway codes) are just about making road users safer. We need to make road safer, use safer vehicles, drive at safer speed and manage road safety.

The National Road Safety Conference is planned for Jan 21 and 22 in Kathmandu Nepal. I was the one who initiated the idea of holding a national conference and almost all stakeholder came up unanimously that this is a great idea. While MOPIT (DOR, DOTM), MOFALD (DOLIDAR), MOH, WHO, MOHA (Traffic Police) are leading with Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) (Road Safety Committee), NRNA Road Safety SKI Project Champion (that’s me) is trying to coordinate with NRN community all around the world.
Please help me to dissimilar this information to all who want to contribute to this great initiative and/ participate in the Conference, present papers to share your experience. Number of papers will be limited so please be the the first one to express interest.

You can join this team or make a separate team but if we want a consolidated effort let us join hands together

We plan to sign a Memorandum if Understanding with the Government of Nepal in the conference that NRNA is organising together with NEA and all other road safety stakeholders in Nepal.
NEA is holding weekly meetings in preparation to this two day’s conference. I am also planning to present a paper and many others are tasked to prepare papers on each of the five pillars of road safety as per Nepal Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2020.

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